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Psychics are people who claim to have the ability to see the future, or know the past without actually having experienced either. They may talk about premonitions, or the ability to see objects located in other locations that they have never visited. Some psychics may claim to be telekinetic, that they have the ability to control and move objects with their minds.

Psychics have remained an illusive group of people, often tucked away in small shops offering readings or premonitions for a price. Some of these people offer nothing more than false hopes or despair, using various techniques to come across as genuine. While many of these so-called psychics are nothing more than scam artists, there have been a few select individuals who have demonstrated incredible premonition-like abilities.

One self-proclaimed psychic who demonstrated her unique abilities in the Soviet Union during the cold war is still a subject of discussion and argument today. She went by the name Nina Kulagina, who was supposedly capable of moving objects with her mind, which is known as telekinesis. Several studies were done, however finding results from those studies leads to more questions than answers. The testing conditions were unscientific at best, and those involved with the tests remain tight lipped.

Other famous psychics include Sylvia Browne, an American psychic who claims to be capable of diagnosing medical ailments and offering healing advice, as well as communicating with the spirits of those who are deceased. Sylvia has written several books, and remains a popular psychic to this day. 

It has been argued that adequately testing people who claim to have psychic abilities is difficult, as skeptics, psychics and scientists are seemingly unable to find a middle ground. This could skew results from any tests, scientific or not. So long as this remains the case, those with claim to have psychic abilities will undoubtedly continue to sell their services based on faith alone, rather than any solid scientific evidence that supports their claims.

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